Display DOS version and OEM information

GETVER is a tool for querying version information from DOS system. For unix folks, this command works like uname command.

GETVER came in two flavor, written in C (GETVER.EXE) and Assembler (GETVER.COM) but they will work the same.

What Information were Inquired

For more information, see Ralf Brown's interrupt list on INT21h AH=30h

Command Line Usage

GETVER will display only DOS version number by default These are parameters accepted by GETVER:

Display DOS version
Display DOS version flag
Display DOS OEM/vendor number
Display DOS OEM/vendor name
Display DOS serial number
Display all information
List all known OEM/vendor name
Display help

If you want to see the whole thing, just use GETVER /A it will display something like this:

DOS 5.0 flag 0 OEM 255 (Microsoft/Phoenix) serial 000000

If called without parameter, it'll show this:


Example Output


On Microsoft Windows Millennium Edition:

DOS 8.0 flag 0 OEM 255 (Microsoft/Phoenix) serial 000000

On Microsoft Windows XP Professional:

DOS 5.0 flag 0 OEM 255 (Microsoft/Phoenix) serial 000000

On DOSBox 0.72:

DOS 5.0 flag 16 OEM 255 (Microsoft/Phoenix) serial 000000

On FreeDOS 1.0:

DOS 5.0 flag 0 OEM 253 (FreeDOS) serial 000000


GETVER is written by Nutchanon Wetchasit (a.k.a. Nachanon Vetjasit).
Released as Free Software under GNU GPL.